About Refleks

We create value for our clients and stakeholders without compromising honesty, observing their morals, and assuming their success as ours.

We improve risk management by enhancing risk awareness, optimize performance by leading to effective and accurate decisions.

We account for constraints while taking care of financial, operational and strategic implications of decisions.

We facilitate complex decisions with cross trade-offs, shorten the data2information path, and make processes agile, by application of innovative tailor-made solutions.


Our Vision

"All gone with the day
Whatever related to yesterday
Now Dear, new things
It is time to say"
Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

Reflex will become the most preferred AI driven prescriptive analytics to support financial decisions optimizing company value.

Our Mission

Optimize today the decisions that will increase the company value according to the cash flows of the scenarios.


REFLEX was initiated at Eczacıbaşı Holding as a DOS - Paradox solution for long range planning (UVP). It served as a prototype for an automatic and integrated budgeting model before it evolved into a parametric simulation tool.. Since "windows" did not exist at that time, UVP was set-up at 7 different Eczacıbaşı companies as 7 different DOS versions.
The success of UVP, need for a wholistic software, lack of tools in the market and Excel's incompatibility paved the way to development of UVP with Delphi on Interbase in 2001
It was revised to make it more solution oriented and more user friendly by adaptation of globally rewarded applications and MSSQL database. It was used heavily at M.A.N, Mercedes-Benz and Erdemir projects.

Reflex evolved gradually into a "decision support tool" as it differentiated from serving as a traditional budgeting and planning solution. For example, "order valuation" add-on was developed with insights learned from "theory of constraints".
Use of formulas was introduced to enrich the parametric toolset and cut time for manual calculations for the user in setting up the Reflex implementation.
To gain competitive advantage of having a Saas application and to benefit from API innovations, Reflex was totally redesigned and reengineered by with Microsoft ASP.netCore coding system.
Reflex is relaunched as a on-premise and SaaS application on cloud. Web site is completely renewed with digital marketing guidelines.