Endowed with strong competitive advantages configured according to the needs and factual background of Turkey, REFLEX has been adding value to its customers for 20 years.

Reflex codes contain diverse business knowledge differentiating it as an end to end integrated holistic model. Budgeting, planning, and simulation modules are ready for immediate deployment. Unlike its competitors, REFLEX delivers superior value with:

      1. Foreseeable Costs
      2. Correct İmplementation
      3. Simultaneous Solutions

to its customers.
Deployment-readiness is a unique REFLEX advantage that cannot be found even in competitors' customized solutions with cost overruns and delayed deliveries. More importantly, REFLEX:

      1. Sets “single source of truth” for corporate use.
      2. Stays focused on cash flow to sustain company viability.
      3. Synchronizes multiple scenario simulations to save managemet time.

Contrary to competitors' "unbounded capacity" assumption, REFLEX operates with "constrained capacity" reality to hand-in the optimum solution.

REFLEX delivers its customers "tailor made " advantage to select the scenario having the particular cash flow that optimizes the value of their company.

Our Clients

Move forward for a better financial future of your company.



Reflex, beyond being just a budgeting software,  is a very significant tool for providing excellent feasibility and simulation  capabilities even for the operations having the most complex business processes. The software derives its strength from the in-depth knowledge and experiences of the doyens of the (software services) sector. I wish the continuation of their success.


Süleyman Çapıtçı Software Manager Sanko Holding

We used Reflex for budgeting and financial projection.  The service providers, being seasoned experts and being exposed to every stage of the processes, they understood our needs very well and implemented Reflex, a very functional software.  The technical implementers also proved to be aware about the financial issues.

We were surprised and pleased, as a global company, to witness the fulfillment of our needs with a software developed by our countrymen.  They supported us on whenever called upon and have become our solution partners.  The program’s strengths are ease of use, flexibility, versatility and compliance to regulations.


Ramazan Çelik Financial Consultant, Former Budgeting and Planning Manager Erdemir

I first came to contact with Reflex in September 2005 and as of 2021, we prepared our 15th budget.  We are also using Reflex since 2005 for our monthly actual-budget control reporting.

Program gives pleasurable experience in preparation of annual budgets and long-term projections, with its ease of use, “flexibility” if case of need and individual customization.

The program’s own updates and developments as per our requests for our own uses keeps Reflex developing as the times go by.  We thank Reflex for their cooperation.


Mustafa Kılcı Budget and Audit Manager Süperfim

We have been using Reflex since 2003.  It integrates with  Vestel infrastructure  very easily, minimizes errors and handles big data with no problem.  It is suitable for budget control with flexible reporting.



Levent Hatay Member of The Executive Committee Vestel Group

Reflex, during my Erdemir years, enabled simulation of capacity based production processes, permitting  to set up constraints to see whether production targets were attainable or not.  If they were attainable, Reflex enabled us, within certain assumptions,  to trace the effects of production targets on income statement based accounting records.  We were able to produce budgeted Income Statement, Balance Sheet and even Cash Flow Statement.

Also within this framework, we used Reflex  as a platform to trace system processes and limits for expense and investment budgets.  We were able to test them  with unrestricted number of assumptions and compare the financial outputs with phased models


Fuat Doğancı Finance Manager Türk Hava Yolları Teknik A.Ş.

Time is the most valuable asset for people.  As the manager of the budget department, my goal is to prepare the most accurate budget in the shortest possible time.

I need to produce many budget versions to achieve my goal.  Thanks to Refleks, I can make fast alternative scenarios for sales value and box quantities, opex, capex, loan management and foreign exchange  risks to make the most accurate income statement and cash flow projection.

Besides, the program makes our job easier in designing  alternative solutions for business processes.  I can make 3 year budget projection  to identify the current year risks  well as risks of forthcoming years.

I can also compare monthly or annual actual results with the budgeted sales, investment, expenses and payments.

Fatih Betin Budget and Finacial Reporting Manager Genveon


Testimonial of B.S for company X about Refleks:

The program offers detailed analysis and simulation. It gives us the same results of our accounting system.

Conducts cost accounting.  Even beyond, if you provide openib balance sheet excahnge rates, interest rates, debt repayment program and specify ending cash as allocated to foreign currncy and bank deposit, and the type of standby loan to finance temporary cash deficits, and local and foreign supply shares in total supplies, Reflex caculates everything by itself without need to interrupt.

You can design your own reports.  It can transfer data from Excel easily as well as it can upload.

Compared to SAP and Oracle, Excel is much more flexible and a “doer”.


B.S. Finance Manager Multinational Oil Company


I decided to use Refleks in all of our textile operations during 2007 crises…they(Refleks)  did a great job.

Adil Konukoğlu Chairman of BOD Sanko Holding