Workforce Design


  • Should we shutdown completly for annual leaves, or workers take their normal turns to go on leave?
  • Should we opt for “overtime” or increase the number of shifts?
  • How much the opening wage increase should be at the strat of collective bargaining?
  • Under what labor union demands is lockout decison justified?
  • Under what conditions replacement of workers by machine investment is to the advantage of the company?


Account for dynamic constraints to balance incompatible targets.

Design resources, processes, variables, parameters and targets completely.

Test performance by simulating targets and constraints.

Use prices, promotions and operating volumes as parametric decision variables.

Adjust customer service level to achieve strategic profitability.

Save time by reducing analysis and decison making time from weeks to hours.


Transfer, with payroll details,  all accruals and payments related to workforce, including expected terminations and new hirings, automatically to Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

  • Determine parameters to simulate scenarios under all conditions.
  • Allocate labor costs automatically to products.
  • Transfer today, to future Balance Sheets the seniority provisions of workforce to be terminated in coming months.
  • Since the effect of workforce decisons will reflec on futur cash flows, do not use annual averages, such that:
  • Calculate the annual decrease due to progressive income tax, in net wages of the workforce.
  • İncrease the wages in the begiining of the year so that the workers benefit by paying the first bracket income tax.
  • Calculate correctly the cost of Labor to the Employer, by separating the social security obligations of the company and the workers.
  • Favor giving non taxable benefits to workers to reduce the total cost of the benefits to the Employer whle decreasing the worker’s tax burden.

Covert net wages to gross automatically. If the net wage is foreign currency convert it to TL athe expected exchange rate.  To this effect, separate “monthly wage earners” since overtime payment  is based on monthly 225 hours.

Use government incentives to individuals based on their status as Retired, Disabled etc..

As per collective bargaining agreement, calculate “pure wage” and “enriched wage” by automatically including all benefits that workforce is entitled.

Strengthen your position in union negetiations by simulating union demands. Calcute costs to be beared in case of a strike.