Pharma Sector

The Challenge:  Undesignable retail sales budget and missing costs

Since all sales were made to pharmaceutical warehouses, no retail data for individual paharmacies were available. Meanwhile, the salespeople could not set their targets which led to low motivation. The human resources was burdened by increasing turnover rate.

The promotional discounts given to pharma warehouses in form of “free goods” were not traceable to SKU s since they were recorded as a single monetary value.

The Solution:  Reflex used the sectoral IQVIA reports which show market shares of individual products, to calculate the sales of individual pharmacies and to determine the monthly sales budgets of the individual salespeople.

Reflex identified on SKU basis the single value promotional discounts to complete and correct SKU costings.

Reflex also increased the efficiency of HR by transferring the personal data of salespeople to its automatic HR module.

Solution Benefits:  By replacing Excel with Reflex, Genvoen:

  1. Increased the profitability of products by enabling cost control on SKU basis.
  2. Updated retail sales budget despite heavy salespeople turnover.
  3. Improved the performance of salespeople by reporting quqntity and price variance of individuals.