Institutional Reporting

Challenge:  Turkish Tax Procedural Law Compliant Reporting

Eczacıbaşı Holding and its foreign partner Baxter required Turkish Tax Procedural Law compliant reporting, however, since serum production was controlled by JD Edwards ERP software, all reports were based on USGAAP standards.  Therefore the partners needed to convert reports to Turkish regulation compliant.

The Solution:  All reports were produced by Reflex.

All ERP data were transferred to Reflex automatically while the reporting currency parameter was adjusted to TL so that all USGAAP based ERP data were simultaneously converted to Turkish Tax Procedural Law compliant.

All expenses were allocated among the departments, to come up with Global and Specific Business Unit income statements specific to Baxter.

Furthermore, the serum production flow was adjusted to Reflex “batch load” algorithm to simulate scenarios for decision making.

Solution Benefits:  Bu using Reflex, Eczacıbaşı-Baxter achieved multi-dimensional reporting such that:

  1. Instead of Excel they used Reflex, a corporate platform with advanced capabilities.
  2. Different requirements of partners were met simultaneously from the same single database.